An Easy Way to Do Hard Money Loan Documents and More

Hard Money Loan Documents

Are you looking for an easier way to handle your hard money loan documents? Does it seem like it takes forever to get what you want? We don’t believe that should be the case. Here, you’ll be able to find and complete the documents that you need that much faster. However, speed is just part of what we offer. Our goal is to streamline the entire process. That way, everything goes that much smoother, from the beginning through the successful end. 

A Faster Process 

We don’t believe that you should have to “wait around” at any step of the process. To that end, you will receive your documents after you complete the questionnaire instantly. Not tomorrow, not in a few hours, not when someone is in the office – instantly. That’s because our cloud-based documents can be generated 24/7. Thus, when you complete them, you’ll get them. Beyond that, it doesn’t take long to enter information into the questionnaire, either. Loan documents and investor disclosure take the longest, and even then that’s like 15 to 20 minutes. It takes around five minutes or so to wrap up the rest. 

Reproduction and Editing 

“I generated documents in the past that I submitted. How much does it cost to reproduce them?” Nothing. They’re free. You can redraw them at your leisure, reproducing them for no extra charge at all. By that same token, we know that, sometimes, when you’re filling these documents out, you might make some mistakes, etc. To that end, you can edit a questionnaire that you completed incorrectly at no additional charge as well. In fact, you can keep going, too, re-drawing it an unlimited amount of times for free. 

Always Improving 

The documents that we offer have been licensed by Doss Law, LLP. They’ve been the nation’s best at mortgage law for more than 44 years at this point, so they know what they’re doing. That said, they know that the law can change. Thus, when it does, they know that these documents have to change along with it. To that end, they will update and change these documents as the laws do. That way, these documents are always exactly what our customers need them to be. We see it as another way to customize these documents for our customers. 

Hard Money Loan Documents

Hard Money Loan Documents and More in Your State 

There are plenty of different documents depending on your state. For example, if you’re in California, you can use documents for Business Purpose Loans, Consumer Bridge Loans, and so much more. Each of these documents can be customized to your exact needs. That way, you only get exactly what you need, and nothing more or less. To see all of the documents we have on our site and to find the ones that fit your specific situation, just click here. 

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