$199 (includes up to 10 investors).

$199 for Loan Modification/Extension Agreements and Forbearance Agreements.

Yes.  We provide loan documents in all 50 states.

Yes.  Our documents, disclosures and provisions are customized based on your loan scenario. 

Yes.  You can save a partially completed questionnaire and finish it later.  

Yes.  You can edit a questionnaire that you completed incorrectly and re-draw the documents an unlimited number of times at no extra charge.

Yes. You can re-draw previously submitted documents at no extra charge.

Click on “Get Docs,” choose your state and choose which docs you want.  You can generate documents from any device in minutes instead of hours or days.  

Loan documents and investor disclosures should take 15 to 20 minutes. Other mortgage related documents can take as little as 5 minutes.

Our cloud-based documents can be generated 24/7 and you will receive them instantly.

The documents are updated and improved by Doss Law, LLP and/or local counsel when necessary.

No. Unless you have an executed engagement letter and have paid the corresponding retainer, then your relationship is solely with Doss Docs, LLC and not Doss Law, LLP

No. Doss Law, LLP does not litigate, which allows its attorneys to stay laser focused on transactional mortgage law, with a very large portion of that work spent on loan documentation, investor disclosures and other mortgage documents.

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